Frederick Electric employs the best electricians to elevate your space to the next level in a safe, timely, & professional manner. 




Our Electricians are licensed, bonded & insured. They are equipped for all residential services.  We pride ourselves on our quality of service, cleanliness, professionalism & safety.  Our Electricians adhere to all local and national electrical codes and laws.



We take care of any long-term maintenance needs such as circuit tracking & identification to performing remodels & tenant improvements that will most likely result in needing outlets, lighting, switches, and other electrical devices to be moved.  We are here to help navigate the complexities of commercial electrical wiring requirements.





If you’re looking for industrial electric work, the short answer is that we can do it! We have the experience and the equipment to test, troubleshooting, install, and repair any electrical components.

Commercial Shop Dayton, Ohio


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you handle large industrial jobs?

We are experts in electrical construction, maintenance, and service. We have the experience, equipment, licensing, and insurance needed to handle large projects in healthcare, retail, office, educational, food service, hotel/resort, manufacturing, and many others.

What about residential projects?

Yes. No job is too big or too small for Frederick Electric. Whether you need to completely upgrade your home’s electrical service or simply install additional wiring for a new hot tub, security system, or family entertainment center, we can help.

Still have questions?

Give us a call at 937-743-5833. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We look forward to working with you!