Our Story

Frederick Electric was founded in 1948 in the front room of a rented house on Xenia Avenue in Dayton Ohio by Frederick Rau.  Frederick bought his first company truck by selling his 1939 Ford convertible.  Frederick Electric was born out of Frederick’s intense desire to not work in a factory.  In 1953 Frederick moved the company from Xenia Avenue to Creighton Avenue and then in 1988 the company moved to Franklin Township where the company resided until 2017. 

Frederick Rau and his son David Rau worked together for 20 years until Frederick decided to retire in 1990.  At that time David Rau purchased the company and successfully ran the business until 2017.

April 7, 2017 David Rau sold Frederick Electric to Bruce and Tina Duerstine.  Bruce has been an employee with Frederick Electric since 2014.  Both Bruce and Tina are working to continue the growth and success of Frederick Electric.

Frederick Electric was mainly residential through the 1970’s.  As the company grew the scope of work grew also.  Currently, Frederick Electric offers commercial, new construction services, upgrades for industrial, medical facilities and residential.

Frederick Electric has performed new electrical installations for Norwood Medical Center, DP&L North, Miami Valley Schools, Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority, Taco Bell and local machine shops. Most current projects would include Dayton Children’s TechTown and the Dayton Steam Plant.

Frederick Electric has supported the Masters Electrical Contractors Association program since its inception.  The electrical masters program has been responsible for the City of Dayton requiring electricians to become licensed.